Who Is The A-Team?

If you are looking for high level consulting that will help push the needle further and faster on your business, or add an extra digit to your revenue, then you can book the A-Team.

The A-Team is a small master group that specifically works with clients that are already doing 6, 7, 8, and even 9 figures a year.

The A-Team provides professional direct response copy, SEO, design, and expert media buying on channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Google, and Bing.

They handle all of your advertising needs, so you can focus on building your business and pursuing ventures such as speaking at events, writing books, interviewing on podcasts, and networking with the top 1% of your industry.

Let JASOn IGNITE Your Event!

Rick Barker
Music Industry Blueprint Founder


How Jason and His A-Team Help You?

Whether it’s speaking at events or running your online campaigns for any niche, Jason and his A-Team have you 100% covered. If you feel we are a right match, then book a FREE business consultation call and we can map out exactly what you need!